By Carole Wakim
First Secondary Class- Section 4
May 99
Can Women Be Productive In The Society?

     Who said that only men are allowed to play a productive role in the
society ? Well nobody did ! You should know then , that nowadays
women are taking a big part in the productivity of their societies. By
following some of these steps the role that woman is playing is getting
higher and higher. How can she take part in  the evolution of
her society?

     Firstly , by giving all the knowledge she has. Today's women are all
educated , so they hold high degrees, and instead of keepingthose degrees in
the closet, they have to let it circulate in the society from one hand to another ,
from one society to another . And that's how women would release all their
talents and skills and would share them with their society in order to make
it progress.

      Secondly women are strong and intelligent enough to take part in the
productivity. By using their strength , women can manage to work even in
managing manufactories . So not only by using their brain but also by using
their physical power, women can do with any kind of hard work.

      Thirdly by representing her country. Meaning, a woman is more
emotional than a man. She has feelings, she's quickly touched... All these
affections can help a country, save a country or even avoid a coming war. A
woman in the parliament for example is extremely important .Her
opinion is human decision and open-minded . Her presence in a high position
can lead a whole decision and make it better. By showing her motherhood and
giving it to her country , she will surely be a productive part in society .

     Finally , the emancipation of women in the society is getting bigger.  By
spreading feminism, women are more required, because they have all the
skills and abilities that society needs.
They used to say women are made to stay at home , raise children and
cook. But now , they've seen what a country is without the touch of a woman.
Well, men, working is not just for you, it is time for you to understand that women
can be very productive in the society.

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