By Chebli El-Khoury
Saint-Joseph University
1st year Business-


I think that happiness , my love, is ephemeral , like the  flowers that fade . This love that I have for you takes my soul to the end of the night. Sometimes , I am afraid of you , I am afraid of loving you forever ,without  an end . I am afraid of my youth that is running away from me .
We all need love , some people find it in God  , others in their parents , some in their friends , others in the “Me” and others in YOU .

Do you believe that we are made  for each  other ?
Everyone is made as he  is and each one thinks as he can and goes on his road till he reaches the place  of destiny where  hands  are joined . Yet , I  see myself asleep one nice day or  maybe one night , by a lake ,where suddenly , coming  from nowhere , a black  eagle slowly unfolded its wings . I saw it close to me , with a second sound of wings , the bird settled down  , it has the eye color  of the sky , on its forehead was sparkling  a blue diamond , with its beak , the bird touched my cheek in my hand it slid its neck . That is when I knew it , arising from the past , it came back to me , returning  from the former land , it was you , my only  love .

You  fill my soul with your love for me , even without showing it .
I will make of you a doll and you will abide by my laws . You will be a doll made for my happiness and you will grow up in my hands .
To please you , I will do anything you want ; I will come to you like a puppet , romantic and tender ,which cries and laughs at the bottom of your bed . I can  also be a guardian –angel , I will become  your guide in life , I will be your invisible companion  for , is  it good to live alone ?  Or is it useful to unveil my heart if I  do not have somebody listening to me ? You see , we put  our innocence in the balance when we give ourselves to a person of  experience .

If one day I am a  part of the  past , be sure that it was a love of holidays , a  story  without tomorrow but which we remember, the eyes full of grief . Even if you  drown in the crowd of people , I will always hear your voice . If you just know how I love you ! It is a love of  legends , but suddenly , an unexpected trip came to  take you with a blow of ambiguity . The rest of  love or friendship has taken you like a boat heading abroad .

Do you remember my first shiver of love ?
I was , I am and I will be a man of the night who never gives his heart to anyone , who never shows his tears to anybody .
I want to erase the memory of yesterday , but  alone in front of my mirror , no one could understand what I have in my heart : life without you is a loss .
I do not like to force people to love me , that is why you have the liberty to do whatever you want and return whenever you feel it is time to  ( isn’t love looking for the happiness of others ! ) for I will wait for you till the end of times ; yet , it is a sorrow in my heart  .

Years are neither you nor me and  nights do not exist anymore , for love is an artist and I am on the list and my heart is in the rink ( I am on the list of the artist who is ready to take me to the rink where I shall die ) .
It is in  your tears that I exist my love .
What do people want from us ? If  I were an angel and you were the wizzard of Oz , tell  me , what could it  change ?
This life without a story is worse than a black hole . Come ! after this black hole there are the stars . Just like before , never away  from you .

Let me dream so I can fly higher to see the world of the bird .
Let me dream my way , break my heart for you .
Let me  climb to the stars , and if I fall down , hold out your hands and tell me :” You can count on me ! “
Let me go  , but tell me that you love me without retaining me too much .

Even if everything is against us ,  even if we never reach the peak of our hopes , there is still something in us that is stronger and more powerful than everything in this world : it is the little love we shared in a short  time in  this brief life .
Please , take me to the world of wonders and leave me there .

Tell  me , does Eternal Love exist ?!

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