Error Analysis

There are TWO errors in each sentence ; UNDERLINE each one then correct it.

   1.By the time I will return to my country , I am away from home for more than three
years .

   2.The movie was so bored that we felt asleep after an hour .

   3.Parents shouldnít never let very young children to stay at home alone .

   4.There is many students from differents countries in my class .

   5.I live in a two rooms appartment with my elder daughter .

   6.Youíd better to revise the essay before handing it in , wouldnít you ?

   7.Ever since I have left Lebanon , I didnít lead a decent life .

   8.I would like to talk about several problems wich I have faced them lately .

   9.Nobody have to sit for another grammar test , havenít they ?

  10.The teacher has given us a lot of informations and plenty of homeworks .

  11.If the oceans consist of fresh water , there will be plenty of water to irrigate the deserts.

  12.I know you feel bad now , Tommy , but try to put it out of your mind . By the time you are a adult , you will be forgetting about it .

  13.All the advices my father has given me two years ago , proved to be useful .

  14.I did this exercice quicklier than I used to .

  15.When , where and by who has the automobile invented ?

  16. The doctor told me I had to eat less sweets if I wanted to lose many kiloes .

  17.Tony is not here ; I donít know where has he been .

  18.Yesterday Dr. Smith hanged his coat on the hook , set the table for dinner then laid on
the bed to rest .

  19.This is an unique opportunity for him to gain the experience .

  20.When she arrived to Beirut , her mother told her she doesnít approve of her behavior .

  21.I didnít notice anything untill one of the boys has told me about it .