EFL Goals
     Second Secondary Students


     By the completion of this academic year 98/99 students should:
   1. Analyze, interpret, and respond critically to assigned readings + Be able to
        draw lessons from them
   2. Increase vocabulary and understanding of English
   3. Demonstrate control of the principles and techniques of effective oral &
        written expression and of organizing and developing ideas in composition /
                 => Students should demonstrate the ability to do the following:
                 * Express an idea in a clear topic sentence (the general subject and the specific
                 * Develop that idea with specific detail (the subject development).
                 * Organize the details clearly and effectively (organizational methods).
                 * Bring the composition / discussion to a conclusion (concluding/summary
   4. Use appropriate grammatical and mechanical principles inherent to effective
        English prose.
                => Students will eliminate the following errors:
                * Sentence fragments
                * Run-ons
                * Lack of agreement between subject and verb
                * Faulty pronoun usage
                * Misuse of verb tense
                * Misuse of apostrophe
                * Misuse of punctuation
                * Misspelling
                * Incorrect verb endings
                * Awkward sentence structure
                * Slang and non-standard English
                * Misuse of capitals
   5. Have a clear idea about the TOEFL, EEE, and SAT.
   6. Successfully complete all assignments and tasks which will focus on the
        development of (a) writing skills, (b) reading skills and (c) critical thinking
   7. Use specific academic skills necessary for successful study at the college level.
   8. Participate effectively in group and individual oral communicative activities.

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