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Here you will find ideas about classroom management, positive reinforcement, jobs for students in your classroom, writing starters, words of wisdom, lesson plans, assessment ideas, Writing Starters, a story map to assist your students and much more! Have fun!

Words of Encouragement

A long list of encouraging words to use with your students. Over 70 are listed...can be printed for you to keep close to your desk!

The First Day of School

A list of what you need to know, what to bring, what to prepare for...perfect for the new teacher.

Charts and Graphs For Your Classroom

Every Week I Can- A chart focused on behavior goals. Great for students having difficulty following directions and doing homework. (Can be printed for you to use.)

The M&M Lesson Plan!

Lesson Plan-A Ready-to-Use lesson plan for your classroom. (Can be printed for you to use.)

Positive Reinforcement

Cooperative Learning- Managing Classroom behaviors through positive reinforcement (K-3.)

Jobs For the Classroom

A simple list of jobs for students to keep them busy during free time or at the end of the school day when waiting for the buses to go home.

Writing Starters

A list of quick sentences to start descriptive, explanatory, and journal stories for students.

Story Map

A simple format to assist your students in comprehension of reading materials...use for summaries, themes, etc. (Can be printed out for you to use.)

Words of Wisdom

Why teachers are special people...why children are special people...


Many different approaches to assess your students...many examples....a true "jewel" to assist you evaluate your students!

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