Create an effective title. Many search engines weight the data
in your title more heavily than other data in your page. Make sure
that your title has keywords that represent your site effectively.
Change your title periodically. By changing your title periodically
your page can be resubmitted and re-indexed multiple times by the
search engines. Use judgement when resubmitting the same page
several times, some consider this use of the search engines impolite
or unfair. Site See Submission Service offers packages which
include 1, 3, 6, and 12 months of site submissions which will be
more effective if this tip is used.
Make multiple copies of your page with different emphasis. By
copying your page several times and making keyword changes in
each page you may attract more people looking for the data
contained in your page.
Use meta tags to pack your page with information pertaining to
the catagory your page fits in. For instance if your page is promoting
a travel agency you may want to incorporate words like luggage, travel,
plane, beach, tourists
Link to Competitors' links. If your Web site is not listed in the top
thirty, contact all the sites in the top twenty for your category and see if
they will trade links with you. Links remain a very powerful method for
people to find your Web site. 
Banner Ads are a very popular (expensive) method of promoting
your Web site. These are the little rectangular graphics that you see near
the top or bottom of some popular Web page. If you click on them, they
transport you to another Web site. You can use some free banner ads
using free link exchange at 
Keep your site updated. Make sure that your site is up to date. No
one likes to go to a page that never changes or that is very out of date.
Make sure that the data in your page portrays the message that
you want to send.
Condense your graphics. Many visitors leave your page before
they ever see your message because it takes too long to load. By keeping
your graphics small your visitors will be more likely to stay. GIF Wizard
(found at is a program that will condense your
graphics color palet which decreases load time.
Utilize the newsgroups. Find newsgroups that pertain to your site
and post information about your site in the newsgroups. Make sure you
include your e-mail address and your page address.
Use Site See Submission Service. Site See Submission Service
is the most effective submission service there is for a very reasonable
price. By using Site See your site will receive more traffic.


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