DO HOMEWORK?!!

When you go out for a sport, or when you learn to play an instrument, you have to practice certain things over and over and over again. That's the only way it becomes a natural response. That's how you improve and make progress. And that's the way it is when you learn a foreign language! You have to practice, practice, practice! That's what homework assignments are for.

 Read on for a list of good reasons for assigning homework:

       1- Homework helps you learn vocabulary. Did you know that you need to see, use and
understand a new vocabulary word ONE HUNDRED times before it becomes internalized?!

       2- Homework helps you reinforce language rules. How often have you tried to do something at home that seemed so simple in class - but you got stuck? Well, at that point, you know that you
either need to study the examples and try again or that you need to get some extra help. If you'd never tried your homework, you might have assumed that you "got it" just because it seemed so simple in class. And if you really DID get it, practicing it will help it become second-nature, a natural response - which is exactly what we're striving for!

        3- Homework gives you a chance to use what you've learned in a new context.

        4- Homework helps what you learn "stick" better. [ You have to remember and be able to use what you learn in one chapter in order to do well in the next chapter!]


   Homework is assigned regularly.

   Be sure that your assignment is complete when you walk into the room. Frantically trying to finish an assignment right before the bell rings totally defeats the purpose of the assignment in the first place, and you won't get credit for it anyway.

    If you finish your assignment in class, you should spend time outside of class memorizing and reviewing vocabulary & structures. Remember that just doing your assignments is not enough to be really successful in a foreign language.

    Vocabulary is to be learned for long-term retention. You need to remember what you have learned from chapter to chapter, and from year to year. Merely listening in class and then cramming for scheduled quizzes will not give you the basis you need for success in this class. You will have to memorize, practice spelling, and review daily.

     Homework is checked frequently and evaluated in a variety of ways including: spot-checking, random collecting, pop quizzes, opening activities based on homework, oral responses and warm-ups.

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