Your Journal

    What should you do if you don't know what
  to write about?

1- You can write about the themes you are studying at school => Your
    Analysis of facts, situations, what you would do if you were in ...
    shoes, what should be done to avoid ....... / to improve ...... / to make
    up for ......
2- You can glue on the inside front cover a list of possible topics you
    have collected ourselves (quotes, proverbs ...), so if you run out of
    ideas you have a list to consult.
3- You can collect some texts that inspire you a lot, and when in need,
    you use them.
4- You can also use the additional handouts given by your teacher.
5- You can comment on the songs studied and movies seen.
6- You can comment on whatever is going on around you: at school, at
    home, with a friend, in Lebanon, in the world ....
7- You can write about & interpret (or at least try to) your dreams.
8- You can collect poems, ads, photos, or newspaper clippings
    (interesting ones), paste them in your journal and give your opinion
    about them.
9- You can write a list of advice you would give to your friend, teacher,
    parents, supervisor, principal ......
10-You can write about many different areas including personal
    relationships, career and special interests, body and health, and
    meaning in life.

Note: It is much better to match the topic of the entry with the theme
          being studied.

  Setting up your Journal:

- Decide what you'd like your journal to look like + Buy something to
  write with.
- Give your journal a title. The title will be the first really creative thing
  you'll do with your journal, so make your title witty, unusual, thought
- Decorate the cover of your journal. You could sketch on the cover,
  paste on an advertisement or a photo, or write your favorite quotes on

  Don't forget to:

- Bring your journal with you to class every week. Your teacher might
  read one of your entries to the whole class (after having had your
  permission of course) or she might give you 10 minutes to write in it.
- Write the date & time whenever you make an entry.
- Write at least One page every entry.
- Make a List of the entries at the end of the monthly (on a separate sheet
  on your journal),  for the teacher to see and put a grade.
- Be Creative!!

" If we are committed to growth, we should discover and utilize our inner gifts, then we should move beyond our internal critics, move past the darkness inherent in our life and move into our power, meaning, and joy. We should implement this process of opening to ourselves.  As we grow in our openness to love and to being loved, we heal...and as we heal, everyone is benefited."