How Do we Choose and
     Introduce the Themes ?

Well chosen themes allow kids to make connections across the curriculum, enhance learning experiences and provide opportunities for meaningful interaction.

In selecting a theme, we should

1) Ask questions like :

Is it interesting to students?

What are other materials related to the theme?

How much time do I spend on this theme?

How will the theme relate to other subject areas?

2) Develop a bibliography and gather literature that support our teaching goals. Our Decisions should reflect a variety of levels and genres (Burns et al., 1991.)

How Do we Introduce a Theme ?

We Introduce a theme through reading aloud. Quality literature should demonstrate the theme. During read aloud time, we model and encourage the language of RESPONSE, both expressive and written.

We use compare and contrast to better clarify responses. Self-selection is a goal and conferencing may take a part rather than rote direct teaching.

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