Interactive Notes

                    A way of "talking to ourselves" on paper

    They can be:

    1- A record of our thoughts, reactions, and questions, as we read or after we have read any material.

    2- A way of recalling what we read and learn.

    3- A way of clarifying our ideas, feelings, and reactions.

    4- A way of making personal sense of our experiences.

    5- A tool to help us remember what we have read.

    Interactive Notes help us make sense of what we read.

    Making connections between our own experiences and the experiences of characters we read about will help us remember and interpret what we read.

    In fact, we understand and remember new ideas, concepts, facts and experiences by connecting them to things which are already part of our personal experience and knowledge.

    Each of us experiences a story, play, poem, or novel differently because of differences in our personal experiences, our literary backgrounds, and our reading abilities.

    Which are the Steps to Follow ? What should we do ?

    è As we read literature, involve ourselves with the

    characters and the situations. èRecord our reactions along the side of the page or on another sheet of paper. èAsk questions about what happens, or why characters behave as they do. Consider how we would behave in
    similar circumstances.
    èPredict the events and outcomes of the story.

    è Our interactive notes will reflect changes in our
          awareness and reactions as we read. After we finish
         the story, we should try to write some more.

    èTry talking to the characters

    è Try to offer them some advice.

    èShare our opinions about what they did or might have

    èTalk to the author. Ask questions and comment on the
         author's style.

    Using interactive notes is a way of keeping a diary of our reading experiences. From time to time, we will enjoy reading over what we have written to see how our perceptions and reading tastes have changed.

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