Nada's Mission Statement

"If we want to succeed, we have to begin with the end in mind, and the most effective way to do so is to develop a Personal Mission Statement or Philosophy or Creed" ("The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey).

The Mission Statement focuses on what we Want to Be, what we Want to Do, and on the Values or Principles upon which Being and Doing are based.

What I Want to Be (At school):
        * An Effective Teacher => a teacher who leads her students to success by
                                        1- Fostering Thinking Skills
                                        2- Building Self-Concept & Motivation
                                        3- Managing Classroom Environments
                                        4- Delivering Instruction Properly
                                        5- Evaluating Learning Constantly & Carefully

What I Want to Do
        * Get organized    => Organize everything in advance
        * Establish the rules
        * Be clear
        * Learn my students' names
        * Set class goals
        * Build relationships
        * Be proud of my students' work
        * Care & Be Fair
        * Build my students' self-esteem
                                - Build in success
                                - Make my expectations realistic
                                - Find ways to keep interest high
                                - State the positive and believe in P.A.C.E. ( Positive
                                  Attitude Changes Everything)
                                - Capitalize on achievements
                                - Share evidence of success ( Portfolio )
        * Achieve good discipline
                                - Make sure students abide by the rules we have set together
                                - Act instead of threatening
                                - Avoid arguing
                                - Keep in mind that I'm here to do whatever is for the
                                  students' best interest  (even if this means they will not like
                                  me anymore, their liking me is not the purpose)
        * Explain the purpose of every assignment & Be always ready to help
           students with homework or to explain something not well understood.
        * Take time to help struggling students understand the material.
        * Help students turn failure into Positive Learning Experience.
        * Provide opportunities for students to work with each other.
        * Allow students to SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES of their behaviour--
           avoid being overprotective."If you pick up one end of the stick, you pick
           up the other" => we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free
           to choose the consequences of those actions.
        * Never criticize a student's question.

Values & Principles to be Based on
        * Never compromise with honesty
        * Hear both sides before judging
        * Obtain counsel of others
        * Defend those who are absent
        * Be sincere yet decisive
        * Maintain a Positive Attitude
        * Have high expectations & Believe in students' success
        * Not fear mistakes: fear only the absence of creative, constructive, and
           corrective responses to those mistakes.
        * Seek first to understand, then to be understood
          * Think Win / Win =>seek to win and to make others win as well.
        * Believe in the principle of Abundance => there is plenty out there and
           enough to spare for everybody.
        * Value the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of others.
        * Exercise initiative in accomplishing my goals; act on situations and
           opportunities, rather than be acted upon.
        * Try to keep myself free from addictive and destructive habits; develop
           habits that expand my capabilities and choices.
"My mission is to live with integrity and to make a difference in the lives of others"

Let's not forget that:
Nobody is Perfect.   Nobody is supposed to be Perfect.
Teachers are human beings, they make mistakes just like everyone else.
However, we can say that they surely Do their Best, and this is what I intend to do.

                                                                          Nada AbiSamra

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