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"Glasser's views about discipline are simple, yet powerful.
Behaviour is a matter of choice. Good behaviour results from good choices and bad behaviour results from bad choices.
A teacher's duty is to help students make those good choices."

"Discipline is not punishment. It is teaching students to impose limits on themselves."

Setting rules for the class is a way of ensuring order in the classroom.
Here is a set of rules; if you agree to abide by them, put your signature at the bottom of the page.

1- I will ask for permission before I speak.
2- I will allow classmates the opportunity to speak without being interrupted =>
    I will listen when the teacher or someone else is talking.
3- I will show respect for other people's opinions and habits =>  behave with
    respect at all times =>  I will not be rude, arrogant, defiant, or aggressive.
4- I will avoid Class disruptions, such as talking loudly, calling out, walking about
    the room (even to sharpen my pencil), clowning, tossing objects, and so forth.
5- I will give every task my best effort &avoid goofing off (evading work or
    responsibility), fooling around, not doing the assigned tasks, daydreaming, etc.
6- I will work quietly and independently at my desk until I have completed my
7- I will do my own work during tests & my own homework assignments.
8- I will cooperate and get along with others.
9- I will not eat or chew in class.
10- If I break one of these rules, I am ready to suffer the consequences.

  I will do the Right Thing!   That means I will be moral and ethical, kind, considerate and generous, and look out for the person who is hurting or needs help.

    Use the space below to add some rules you feel are necessary.

1- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                                   I Agree

             (Date & Signature) =>

The Classroom is a Peace Zone- and it's a safe place.  We will look out for each other.

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