Schumi’s Interview Questions
1st Secondary Students- 2de5- 97/98
Ramzi AbiAntoun's Team

When and where were you born? In which conditions?
What are your hobbies?
Who’s  your favourite sportsman, actor, singer, and political leader?
What’s your favourite pastime?
What’s your favourite car?
How much money do you spend a week?
Do you smoke?
Are you on drugs? What do you think about that matter?
Do you prefer the mountain or the beach and why?
What’s your favourite T.V. program?
Are you a computer fan?
Are you smart , funny?
Who’s your best friend? What’s your concept of the ideal friend?
What’s your plan for the future?
Do you believe in God?
Are you a member of any club or political party?
Are you looking forward to living on your own?
Have you ever travelled anywhere?
What’s your concept of the ideal family?
What are your expectations for the peace process in the Middle East?

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