By William Awad
Second Secondary ES (1ere ES)
May 99
 Whatís a best friend?

Itís the person who shows you that there is no end
A person like you is there to love and care
To be by my side when I'm in despair
To make me always smile when I'm feeling down
You are here when no one else is around
A person like you is here to trust and love
You were sent to me by GOD, such majestic above
Seeing you go will break my heart
I'll be here for you in every start
Weíll be together even when we're apart
You are my sister, my best friend and my other part
You pick me up when I fall apart
Iíll always be here for you
Nothing will keep me away from protecting you
The way I feel is hard to show
Iíll put whoever harms you in a pain so slow
Best friends we will always stay
Nothing will stand in our friendshipís way
Friends are there by and by
Youíre my one true friend and for you I would die
You truly understand my deepest thoughts and fears
And have always been there to wipe away my tears
The magnificent glow that I see on your face
Is something that I can never replace
I believe that miracles happen in any way
I'm still hoping that mine will occur some day
I wish you the best of the best
You are the bird that flies above all the rest
I hope to be you one day soon
Till that day I only have the moon
My skies turned cloudy and gray
You were the one that made everything seem okay
I like you when you're beside me and call me your friend
I hope that the trust we share never ends
A good friend is a hard to find, so many are deceiving
But when you find one you never stop believing
Sometimes when I'm too depressed or drowning in self doubt
I know I can call your name and youíll pull me out
Expressing my good feelings towards you I will never stop
Because you were placed at the ultimate top
Completing this poem is hard my friend
It will surely never end.

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