FPYC U9 Girls Basketball
Team 1: Alligators
Winter 2011
Coach F. Hasan
Prov. Elem. Gym

Congratulations, girls, on ranking second among all FPYC teams!
You all played very well! Medals and trophies well-deserved!
Thank you, Coach Hasan, for all your hard work! You really got the girls to achieve their fullest potential!

Photos taken in February/March 2011: Click Here
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If anyone videotaped what Coach Hasan said at the party about each girl, please let me know!

Due to the big file sizes, I have decided to post the videos on Facebook.
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First and Most Important Rule:
Basketball is for fun.
We, the parents, are there to cheer on our children and congratulate the opposing players for good effort.
We set the example for our children, let us set a good one.

Basic Rules of the Court:
* 8-minute quarters
* Each child MUST play 2 complete quarters per game, unless they go out for medical reasons.
(However, If a player goes out for a slight fever or some other such reason and then wants to come back, they cannot.)
* 8-foot basket
* Foul line 12 feet from basket (backboard)
* 6 seconds in the 15-foot free throw lane
* NO PRESSING in the backcourt