Class Expectations

      You are in this classroom to learn how to communicate in English - and you
     can only do that if you are willing to Practice and use what you learn. The
     more French or Arabic you use in this classroom, the less English you will

     These are examples of things you can do to Participate actively in class.

                                 *   Share original responses
                                 *   Report group answers
                                 *   Volunteer
                                 *   Interview your partner
                                 *   Ask / Answer  questions

    There are all sorts of different things that are involved in being Prepared for
    class. Read through the following list for hints on how to be organized for class
    and prepared to learn English!

               *   Review what was covered in class after every English session. It is
                    important to remember that simply doing homework assignments is
                    not the same as "studying" for English.
               *   Complete your assignments! Follow directions carefully, and finish
                    your work on time. Be Punctual. Late homework is not accepted.
               *   Come to class with your papers & materials neatly organized. You
                    will need your notebook every session.
                    Note: any day is a good day for a notebook quiz! If your notebook is
                    organized, you can count on getting a 100%!
               *   If you miss a class, call a classmate to get the assignment. You are
                    expected to be prepared for the next day's class, including any
                    tests or quizzes that are scheduled for the day you return.
              *    Get in the habit of asking for and offering help.

    Learning a foreign language is like learning any other performance skill: it takes
    time, patience, and practice. You make progress all the time, and a positive
    attitude helps a lot!

               *  Be Positive about your ability to learn! Don't get discouraged if you
                   get stuck" - if you keep on trying, it will "click."
                   If you want to learn a second language, expect to make mistakes!
                   Feeling self-conscious, and doing things that occasionally strike you as
                   silly is all part of the package - and everyone in your class is in the
                   same boat! A positive attitude can make it easier; a "this-is-stupid"
                   attitude puts up roadblocks at every turn.
               *  Be positive and polite about your classmates' ability to learn!
               *  Correct yourself when you've mispronounced a word or given a
                   wrong answer. It shows that you are learning and trying!
               *  Speak clearly and loudly so that everyone can hear you.
               *  Ask for help when you don't understand something. Sometimes it
                   takes several explanations before something sinks in. That happens to
                   ALL students learning a second language! Don't wait until 5 minutes
                   before a test or quiz to say "But I didn't understand this!" You can
                   come in for help before or after school.

    This is an important one! It shows that you are a responsible student and that
    you are taking responsibility for your own learning.

                *   Be ready to start class when the bell rings.  Dashing in the door
                     just as the bell rings means that you are l-a-t-e.
                *   Use any individual time in class appropriately. You should work on
                     English for the entire class period! If you get your assignment done
                     before time is called out, work on your journal.
                *    Stay on task, whether working alone, with a partner, or in a group.
                *   All work is to be your own. Cheating results in a zero.
                *   Be Polite! Be quiet and listen when others are talking. Don't make
                     fun of anyone for any reason. Be willing to work with anyone in
                     your class. Use good manners.

=> Six "P" Rules ( Practice, Participation, Preparation, Punctuality,
                                  Positive mental attitude, Politeness ) + Responsibility

N.B. If you ever need anything from me you can leave me a note at Mr. AbouKhalil's office.

                                                          Nada AbiSamra

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