EFL Course Requirements 
Second Secondary Students
1. Fill out Passport (Appendix 1)  + Mission Statement (Appendix 2)  + Class
        Expectations (Appendix 3) + Rules & Procedures ...
2. Study the Vocabulary words for each text studied and Practise Reading the
        text at home (Sometimes you will have to look the words up yourselves)
3. Do all the Homework Assignments
4. Write at least one page weekly in your Journal  (Appendix 5) => to be checked
        before every report-card
5. Be Always prepared for Drop Quizzes
6. Keep a Well Organized Portfolio (Appendix 4)  + Do Not Forget Self Evaluation (After each report-card)
7. Participate in class activities and tasks.
8. (Suggestions for ORAL WORK ):
            Tape-record on your own blank cassette an interview with a native
            speaker or even the reading of text(s).
9. Team Work (Help & learn from each other, No competition except against
        previous achievements) : Every team will choose one of the themes studied in
        class and will be in charge of decorating the bulletin board accordingly.

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