Elea-Maria AbiSamra (4)

Cynthia & Marcel singing "Frère Jacques" & "Au clair de la lune"
Aug. 22, 2002

(Aug. 14, 2002- Marcel & Cynthia fixing Elea's Bassinett)

August 23, 2002

With Lew & Tess Ware
August 24, 2002

Marcel, Lew, Tess, Nada, Cynthia

Dr. Saucer with Elea-Maria
August 28, 02

Asmahan with Elea-Maria

Posing? Already?? Future Model...?

Elea with American Granny... Madelene!

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Elea taking a Bath
With the Ranieris

Elea-Maria Leaving Montgomery...
Elea with the Salems
Elea-Maria ONE month old!
Elea-Maria TWO months old!
Elea-Maria THREE months old!
Elea-Maria FOUR months old!
Elea-Maria FIVE months old!
Poem for Elea
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Elea's Friend: Mark Zerbe

Photos taken ONE day before delivery...
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