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There are TWO errors in each sentence; UNDERLINE each one then correct it.

1. By the time I will return to my country, I am away from home for more than three years.

2. The movie was so bored that we felt asleep after an hour.

3. Parents shouldnít never let very young children to stay at home alone.

4. There is many students from differents countries in my class.

5. I live in a two-rooms appartment with my elder daughter.

6. Youíd better to revise the essay before handing it in, wouldnít you?

7. Ever since I have left Lebanon, I didnít lead a decent life.

8. I would like to talk about several problems wich I have faced them lately.

9. Nobody have to sit for another grammar test, havenít they?

10. The teacher has given us a lot of informations and plenty of homeworks.

11. If the oceans consist of fresh water, there will be plenty of water to irrigate the deserts.

12. I know you feel bad now, Tommy, but try to put it out of your mind. By the time you are a adult, you will be forgetting about it.

13. All the advices my father has given me two years ago, proved to be useful.

14. I did this exercice quicklier than I used to.

15. When, where and by who has the automobile invented?

16. The doctor told me I had to eat less sweets if I wanted to loose weight.

17. Tony is not here; I donít know where has he been.

18. Yesterday Dr. Smith hanged his coat on the hook, set the table for dinner then laid on the bed to rest.

19. This is an unique opportunity for him to gain the experience.

20. When she arrived to Beirut, her mother told her she doesnít approve of her behavior.

21. I didnít notice anything untill one of the boys has told me about it.

      Good Luck!
      Nada Salem Abisamra


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