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Some ESL Projects: 2005/2006
Country  Project
ESL Story- Instructionst
(Link: Inspiring Stories)

For Parents (March 2006)

Some ESL Projects: 2004/2005
"All About Me" Project

Some ESL Projects: 2003/2004
Collected Expressions to use in Essay Writing
Essays Using some of the Collected Expressions

Some ESL Projects: 2002/2003
Sophia's Project: "Dreams & Their Meanings"
Behrouz's web page: "Teens' Addiction"

Some ESL Projects: 2001/2002
Prashant Gupta's Short Story titled "Smart Brothers"
Prashant Gupta's Indian Myth titled "The Search for a Bridegroom"
Jakob Weltzien's Story titled "Back in Ten Days"
Bettina Roehr's story titled "A Mysterious Meeting"

Some ESL Projects: 2000/2001
Elementary School Students' Projects
Jessica Ferguson- Gr. 4
Veronica Picciotto- Gr. 4
Wolf Tramontini- Gr. 4
Mohit Anand- Gr. 5
Ali Daana- Gr. 5
Shuruq Tramontini- Gr. 5

Middle School Students' Projects
Kazuyuki Ohashi- Gr. 6
Don Farajallah- Gr. 6
Prashant Gupta- Gr. 8
Jakob Weitzen- Gr. 8

High School Students' Projects
9th grade:
Mohamad Alameddine
Nadine K.
10th grade:
Donya Al-Mously
Naveen Anand
Stella Vitiello

"Our Countries" By Naveen, Stella, & Donya

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