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Intermediate Levels

Texts/ Articles/ Journal
Essential Questions
Writing/ Activities
Communication/ Self-Introduction/ Getting to know you 
Student passport

Getting to know you questionnaire

Interview Questions


Nada's Mission Statement
Mission Statement- Paragraph about oneself / expectations


describe others and their hobbies and interests

communicate in oral form, with reasonable accuracy, in authentic cultural contexts, and participate in conversational exchanges.

introduce a friend or stranger to another person

listen to statements and questions and extract meaning

listen to dialogues and extract essential information

attempt to communicate effectively while speaking at an acceptable level of accuracy

ask and answer questions related to a given situation, and make comments about a familiar topic of interest to students their age

master new vocabulary, phrases, and structures, and use them correctly in context

structure logical chains of thought, express themselves coherently and clearly, listen to the ideas of others, and think about their audience when they write or speak. 

generate explanations, formulate questions, and write arguments

use internet resources to gather cultural information, realia, photographs, schedules, maps and other relevant materials to assist in this course.

Who am I?
Who are the members of my family?
How do I relate with them?
Where am I from? What are the characteristics of my country?
What is the difference between my country and Lebanon?
What do I think about Lebanon?
What do I think about the USA? Have I been there? If not, would I like to visit it?
What is the difference between my culture and the American/Lebanese ones?
Who are my friends?
What are my hobbies? Why do I like practicing them?
Why did I come to ACS?
How long have I been here?
Do I like it here?
How do I compare ACS with other schools I have attended?
What kind of problems have I encountered here?
What have I done to solve them?
Did I ever seek help? Would I?
What are my expectations for this course?

What kind of questions do I ask when interviewing someone?
What would the "deep questions" be like?
How do I manage to get the most information possible from my interviewee?


General revision:
*Sentence, Verb, Tenses
*Agreement of tenses
(present, past, future)
*Question words
*Interrogative/negative forms
*Linking/transition words
Introducing oneself/others

Interview Questions

Interview writing + 

Videotaping students interviewing each other.


Oral expression

Oral presentation



Religions in the world

Tenses => ex. 35 + Spelling & Irr.Verbs
Tenses => ex. 51 

Links p.324 

Build Up Your Self-esteem
The Misery of Shyness 
What are you afraid of?
Links + Relatives

+ Cond p.349

Narration- Advice
Getting Organized 
Burning Up Money & Yourself (Smoking) 
Life Story or Order 
Tags + Articles + Modals
The Value of Friendship
Finding the Right Girl 
Short Stories: The Lady or the Tiger/ The Devil’s Gift/ Midnight Visitor/ The Necklace

What is a Friend?

Prep + Passive
Essay/ Short story
Teens & Freedom
Youth Rights
The Adolescent Years 

Poem : Teens

Gerunds + Sing/Plur 
Narrative Elements
Parents & Children
“Mc Cartney: I am as scared as any parent”
“If I were starting my family again” 
Parent's Creed
Attitudes & Values
"Attitudes to Life"
Moral Issues
Advanced Level
Texts/ Articles/ Journal
Essential Questions
Writing Activities
Communication/ Self-Introduction
[Journal Theme = Mission Statement – Information about oneself/expectations]

Sentence, Verb, Tenses 

Summary + Oral Presentation
[Journal Theme = Religions - The world in 100 years]
Homonyms p 19 ex 14 => 16 + p 20 Test /
Links p 72 ex 3 + p74 Test / 
Prepositions Book p 22 #2] 
Sing-Plur p 105 + IRR. Verbs Book p 250 => K
Much-Many-Little-Few p 79 #2 /                       Plural Book p 27 #1
Much-Many B p 171 #3 + Idioms p 27
  Summary + Oral Presentation
Teens & Freedom
“New Barriers, New Battles”
[Journal Theme = Freedom]
Idioms p 32 ex 6-7 + Tests p 34, 42 / Articles p 83 ex 4]

Idioms + Test on Nouns p 84 + Question-Tags B p 144 #1

Parents & Children
"What do parents owe their children?”
"Spock's Guide to Parent Care” 
[Journal Theme = How any family can be happy + Test your family habits] 
[Journal Theme = Poem: "Parent's Creed"+ Children's  Creed]
Tenses p 99 ex 3 (Perf.) + p101 ex 4 (Fut) 
Passive B p 44 #3/ 
Gerund p103 ex 5 / 
Gerund + verbs not to
Parents & Children
"Make your child a leader" 

"Help your child excel" 
Short Story: "Why Honey?"
Song : "Coward of the County"
Video: "The Graduate" + Video Card Discussion

[Journal Theme = Song "The Sound of Silence"]

[Journal Theme = Leadership / Blessed is the Leader who]

[Journal Theme = Advice for parents or children / Song Analysis or Writing]

[Journal Theme = Affirmation]

Sing-Plur p 106 ex 7-8 + Prompts Book p 79 #3 + B p 119 #4


Listening p 49 (Test: main point) -  p 54 ex 1 (inferences) + p55/56 (Tests on meaning + long conversations) / Conditional Book p 109 #3]

Point of view Characters + Setting + Tone & Mood + Plot


Summarize the movie +
Write about the difference between the two generations (Generation Gap) What should have been done?]

Adj. B p 39 ex 1 + Numbers B p 118/9  # 1-2 
Passive Resistance
"Gandhi"  (+ Commentary on a text)
Picture page 152- Commentary
“Martin Luther King” & Rosa Parks
"Japanese Strike" 

Song: "Blowing in the Wind"

[Journal Theme = Song: I wish I knew how it would feel to be free]

[Journal Theme = Gandhi # Song "Holding out for a Hero"] 

[Journal Theme = Song: "The Power of the Dream"] 

[Journal Theme = Japanese Style in Decision Making / 10 Commandments of Good Business]

Listening Main Point p 60 ex 1-2 + p 63 ex 3 / Test und. meaning p 63 / Explain Adj & Numbers] 

Tenses & Compr.B p 51 #1  /  Adj + Numbers + Passive B p 162 #2 

Adv. p 116 (Test) + Comparisons p 125 (Test) 
Links p 130 + B p 156 #3

Have;get.. B p 35 #3 + Let;leave B p 191 #1 + Misused Words pp134

Links Test p 132 +M isused Words p 140 ex1 + Ex Verbs not to confuse + Inversion p 144 ex 3-4 + B p 156 #2] 

Prepositions B p 93 #1 + Dir-Ind B p 178 #1

"How to write with style”
Phrasal Verbs

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