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Micheline Abou Khater / Georges Boulos - Interview

Georges Boulos- Capital Punishment

Nathalie Dadour / Lama Darghouth- Interview

Chebli El-Khoury- Love

Chebli El-Khoury- The Wandering Soul - I Am

Michel Hajji Georgiou- Eros Taken Down

Michel Hajji Georgiou- Spanish Castles

Michel Hajji Georgiou- Still Hanging Around

Michel Hajji Georgiou- Hard Rock and the
Lebanese Youth Today

Zeina Moukarzel- The Truth About Dieting

Ziad Safi- Silkworms

Mona Succarieh- The Comet

Physiotherapy, Medical Lab, and 
Social Assistance students
(Intensive Course- Summer 2000)

Political Science & Law students
(Winter 2001)

Business Students
(Intensive Course- Summer 2001)

Social Animation Students
Advanced English
(2001 / 2002)

Law & Political Science students
(2002 / 2003)

Social Animation Students
(May/June 2003)

Business Students
(July 2004)

Social Sciences Students
(Fall 2004)

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