My Wonderful Nephews and Niece 
Michel, Jad, & Yara!!

This is my adorable nephew Jad, Ghassan (my brother) and Amal's son. 
He has grown soooo cute!
It's been quite some time that I haven't seen him!
I miss him sooo much!

In the hospital!! Yara was just born! My little gorgeous niece that I haven't seen yet!!!
She is lying in bed next to her mother, AMAL!

As for my Wonderful other nephew Michel (Fadi--my brother-- and Patricia's son), 
I bet he was the center of attraction in that room! 
He is such a clever and "sympathique" little big boy!!

I adore them all!

To Amal & Ghassan

It's a girl!

We all love you a lot! Congratulations on having YARA,
our little cousin/niece! We love her already without seeing her.
Wish her a very beautiful life, full of love and happiness.
- Marcel, Cynthia, Tony & Nada

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Card by Tomoko
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To Amal & Ghassan

On Your New Arrival, YARA!

A lot of special big kisses from all of us to Yara (and Jad!)
We love you all very much and.... We are waiting for the pictures!!!
We wish Yara & Jad happiness and success, always!
- Marcel, Cynthia, Tony & Nada

From: nadabs@hotmail.com
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