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"The International Officer School-IOS,
whose director is 
has some activities designed exclusively for 
International Spouses 
and other family members. 
The main activity is the
International Family Orientation Program

This is a free two week class 
held in July
to provide the family members
(Spouses and Children)
with valuable information 
to help them get adjusted to living 
in a different cultural environment."
International Officer Handbook 1998

What Does IFOP Entail?

Here is the content of the first handout 
given to us, international spouses, 
by Mrs. Peggy Funk.

"We shall be judged more by what we do at home
than what we preach abroad."
John F. Kennedy

* To make you feel welcome in the USA.
* To provide you with as many survival skills as
* To expose you to total use of the English 
     Language (ESL) daily.
* To answer questions of any nature.
* To create an atmosphere for making new friends.
* To assist your integration into our society.
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Measure 4 Measure
A Dictionary of Measures, Units & Conversions

Useful SitesClick Here to Get to some Other Useful Sites!Useful Sites

* Discussion of Montgomery School System.
* Discussion of money, check writing, credit 
  cards, telephone use.
* Tour of base facilities, BX, Commissary, Thrift
  Shop, Base Gym, Recreation Center, Ceramic 
  Shop, Base Library
* Tour of Farmers' Market, Gunter AFB, Oriental 
* Discussion of fire safety (for kids) and  Fire
     Prevention & Education, tornado awareness, and
  emergency situations.

These are not all the topics that will be covered. International families who have been here before have indicated that such topics are important "survival skills". If you want to add topics, please let us know.
Most importantly, we hope you will feel more relaxed about living in our country after this program is over. Please feel free to ask any questions to the volunteers; we are here to help. As President Kennedy's quote indicates, you can now study what we do, not just what we say.

Peggy Funk.

.And all the volunteers have been helping us 
ever since ...
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Thank You!
From The International Wives
ACSC & AWC Spouses
At Maxwell Air Force Base
Montgomery, Alabama

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