Policymaking in Jordan:

From Incremental to Synoptic


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Policymaking in Jordan: 
From incremental to synoptic

Policymaking in Jordan: Index

Definitions of terms: Policymaking

Definitions of terms: Incremental

Definitions of terms: Synoptic

Definitions of terms: Synoptic & Diversification

PPT Slide: Jordan

PPT Slide: Jordan2

PPT Slide:Jordan3

PPT Slide: Jordan4

PPT Slide: Jordan's Educational System

PPT Slide: First policy cycle

PPT Slide: Background

PPT Slide: Background

PPT Slide: Input

PPT Slide: Input conversion

PPT Slide: Outputs & Output Manipulation

PPT Slide: Outcomes

PPT Slide: Outcomes2

PPT Slide: References

PPT Slide: References2

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