What All Children Want Their Parents  to Know ...
By Julia Loomans and her mother Diane Loomans - 1996
brass line
Teach me to love and care for myself
Through your positive example.
I will learn much more from what you do
Than from anything you could ever say.
Notice me often,
And take joy in my very existence,
So that I grow up to feel special
And know that I am loved.
Listen to me
With an open ear and a loving heart,
So that I learn to understand my feelings
And trust that my needs will be heard.
Play with me often.
Let town your guard and be carefree.
The memories will last longer
And our connection even longer.
Focus on what Iím doing right,
And tell me when you appreciate me,
So that I learn to feel worthy
And motivated to do even more.
Tell me more about your life,
Your hopes, dreams and successes,
So that I come to know you as a person
And can call you my friend
as well as my parent.

brass line

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