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Below is a list of commonly used transition expressions, divided roughly according to meaning.

moreover, furthermore, in addition, also, incidentally, by the way, further, too, again, more important, next, first, second, etc., firstly, secondly, etc., in the first place, in the second place, etc., last, lastly, finally, either, as well.

however, yet, in contrast on the other hand, in any case, on the contrary, still, otherwise, actually, all the same, at any rate, at the same time, nevertheless, instead, in spite of this, anyway, by contrast, in reality.

Iikewise, similarly, in the same way, in like manner, whereas

Cause, result, purpose:
therefore, thus, hence, consequently, after all, to be sure, for this reason, accordingly, then, knowing this, naturally, of course, with this object, with this end, to this end, because of this, with this in mind, in many cases, by this means, in this way, as

Example, restatement:
for example, for instance, more specifically, in particular, indeed, in other words, in fact, that is, in brief, in short, to summarize, in conclusion.

afterwards, later on, soon, meanwhile, in the meantime, next, immediately, then, later, at length, eventually, at the same time, in the same instant, today, nowadays, in the beginning, to begin, in time, in future, finally, initially.

here, there, near by, beyond,  further on, opposite, on the opposite side, on the right, on the left, behind. in back.


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