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Affect in Language Learning
By Nada Salem Abisamra

Student Survey:  (If you are at university, click here!)

1- Do you like school? Why?

2- Which subject do you like the most? Why?

3- What, in your opinion, are the qualities of a good teacher?

4- Do any of your teachers have any of these qualities? Which qualities?

5- Have you ever felt cared about by at least one of your teachers? What did that/those teacher(s) do?

6- Have you ever had a negative experience with any of your teachers? If yes, what did that teacher do? Why do you think he/she did that? How could you both have behaved to avoid conflicts?

7- What motivates you to learn? What inhibits your motivation?

  • .
  • .
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  • .
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  • .
Inhibits Motivation
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  • .
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  • .
  • .
  • .

8- Is motivation the responsibility of the teacher or the student? Why? What is the role of each?

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Affect in Language Learning: Motivation
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