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*Who are my Children?
Marcel.is 20 years old; he is in college.
Cynthia.is 19 years old; she is in college.
Elea-Maria.is 7 years old; she is in 1st grade!
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More Recent Photos...

OUR CHURCH: Mar Takla (Hazmieh)

Poem for Elea-Maria- Written by Cynthia

Montgomery, Alabama, USA
August 11, 2002
(1 day before Elea-Maria's birth)
At Madelene's House!

Click here to read the wonderful "Tale" Cynthia and her friends
wrote in French last year:
“La Sirène et l'Huître Mystérieuse”

Click here to read the Arabic adaptation of the French tale
By Marcel

*Who are my nephews and nieces?
Michel, Julien,  Jad, Yara, Maria, & Yasmina.

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*Who are my husband's nephews and nieces?
Marc & Ralph
Ghinwa, Yara, Sarah & Tamara

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