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Teaching Culture:

Comprehensive Site on "Teaching Culture"
Teaching Culture: Problems & Solutions

First Problem: Overcrowded Curriculum
Second Problem: Fear of Not Knowing Enough
Third Problem: Dealing With Students' Negative Attitudes
Fourth Problem: Lack of Adequate Training (Themes- Goals- Strategies & Techniques)
Fifth Problem: Measuring Cross-Cultural Awareness & Change in Attitudes
Teaching Writing:

Comprehensive site on "Teaching Writing"
Senior Extended Essay
Teaching Writing: Helping Second Language Writers Experience a Sense of Ownership of their Writing

Eclectic Approach
Skill-Getting & Skill-Using
Composing Process & Phases of Instruction 
Feedback & Evaluation
Extensive Reading

Teaching Literature: (Index)

    1. Literature
    2. Great Literature or Storytelling
    3. The Study of Narrative
    4. Story Structure
    5. Classical Linear Narrative
    6. Strategies for Studying a Novel (or a Short Story)
    7. Setting
    8. Characters
    9. Plot
    10. Point of View
    11. Tone & Mood
    12. Theme
    13. Suggestions for Reading Short Stories
    14. Interactive Notes

Comprehensive site on "Teaching The Odyssey"

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