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For Teachers & Students

1st Week Handouts || Syllabi || ESL Curriculum || Unit/Lesson Plans || Commentary || Tests & Quizzes
Teaching Culture || Teaching Idioms || Teaching Literature || Teaching Reading || Teaching Writing
Cooperative Learning || Educ. Psychology || Interesting Articles
Benefits of Visual Arts || Midsummer Night's Dream (simplified)

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First Week Handouts:

Nada's Favorite PRAYERS
Test Prayer
EFL COURSE REQUIREMENTS for Second Secondary Students
EFL GOALS for Second Secondary Students
Mission Statement Sheet for Students & Teachers
Student's PASSPORT
Student's JOURNAL
Oral & Written Presentations: Grading System
Oral Presentations: Detailed Evaluation
Panel Presentations: Evaluation Criteria
Oral/Written Presentations: Guidelines & Expectations!
Interactive Listening & Speaking: Evaluation Criteria

English Mentorship Program! Click Here!
"Students Teaching Students - 
Peer & Cross-Age Tutoring... A Step Further!" 
If you are interested in implementing such a program in your school, 
you can email me at nada@nadasisland.com

Team Building!Motivation!
Research ProposalEducating for Character
Nada's University Projects

Error Analysis: Arabic Speakers' English Writings

William Glasser's "Quality School Teacher"... Notes


First Secondary (grade 10) Students' EFL Syllabus (98/99)
Second Secondary (grade 11) Students' EFL Syllabus  1st Semester- Details (98/99)
Middle School ESL Course Outline
Interventions for ESL Students
ESL Checklist
ESL Log Form
English 9- Tentative Program and Timetable
English 9 Syllabus
English Brevet- Checklist
Grade 12/Bacc II Syllabus
Grade 12/Bacc II- Checklist
College English (ESP)- Level A- Syllabus
Yearbook Syllabus

ESL Curriculum:

ESL Curriculum- High School (2001)

Unit / Lesson Plans:

Unit Plan: Communication & Self-Introduction
Unit Plan: Essay Writing & Oral/Written Presentations
Unit Plan: Short Story
.Unit Plan: Short Story (Comprehensive- All materials included) Based on ISD NEW!
Unit Plan: Of Mice & Men
Unit Plan: The Odyssey
Lesson Plan on Emotional Intelligence Using Glaserís Learning System (pdf)
Community Language Learning + Lesson Plan
Direct Instruction Model + Lesson Plan (pdf)
Inductive Model- Lesson Plan  (pdf)
Inquiry Model- Lesson Plan  (pdf)
Cooperative Learning & Lesson Plan
Reading- Lesson Plan (under construction)
Literature- Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Evaluation Checklist

Commentary Outline: (What to include, step by step)

Commentary on a Text
Commentary on a Picture

Tests & Quizzes:.....

Objective Test:   Tenses, Singular/Plural, Comparisons, 
                                              Prepositions...     (Advanced)
Objective Test A: Tenses, Irregular Verbs, False Friends, Singular/Plural, 
                                              Question Tags...
Objective Test B: Easier than A (But almost the same)
Objective Test- Intermediate: Much,Many,Little,Few/ Conditional/Articles/ 
                                              Prepositions/Sing,Plural/ Possessives/ Direct,Indirect/
                                              Irregular Verbs/ Passive.
Error Analysis (Intermediate)
Error Analysis (Advanced)
Error Analysis (Comprehensive- Revision)
Answer Sheet (60)
Answer Sheet (70)
Phrasal Verbs Test: Fill in the blanks, Correct or Incorrect, 
                                               Matching, Multiple Choice
Question Tags
Transition Words
Comparisons, Direct/Indirect speech, Much/many/little/few

Theater Play:
Midsummer Night's Dream (Simplified by Nada Salem Abisamra)

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Second Language Acquisition || Teaching Culture || Teaching Reading
Teaching Writing || Teaching Idioms
Affect in Language Learning: Motivation
"Error Analysis: Arabic Speakers' English Writings"

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The Lebanese Community News Journal
The Lebanese 
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