Add a Question Tag to the following sentences:
Exercise 1:

1- I am late,
2- Edward lives here,
3- You found your passport,
1- Mary’s comming tomorrow,
2- Tim’s just come home,
3- Sally’d come before you phoned,
4- Mary’d come if you asked her,
5- George’d rather not tell the truth,
6- Lina’d better not come tomorrow,
7- I have two cars,
8- He has to buy a car,
9- You hardly know him,
10- Neither of them complained,
11- You ought to stop fighting,
12- Everyone can do this exercise,
13- He needn’t tell the truth,
14- He doesn’t dare to come,
15- Everybody’s done the homework,
16- Nobody has a bicycle,
17- You had to study harder,
18- I don’t think anyone will come,
19- You must work hard,
20- Tim shall come home soon,
21- Let’s go swimming,
22- I’m never late,
23- There is someone here,
24- Nothing was said,
25- No one needs him,
26- Someone had recognized him,

Exercise 2:

1- I am very proud of you,
2- Elvis works very hard,
(so ................. his mates.)
3- The police arrived too late,
(so ................. the reporters.)
4- My sister’s sitting for an English exam now,
5- The sheep’s just disappeared,
(so ............... the deer.)
6- They’d met before, ......................... ? It was at David’s, I think.
7- You’d look nicer if you shaved,
8- Joe’d better not come here anymore,
9- The news that the armed forces were near alarmed the citizens,
10- Most people’d rather not tell the truth,
11- The Lebanese have a lot of qualities,
12- Legal advice has to be taken in a case like this,
13- You had to collect more information on that organization,
(so ................... the other team.)
14- I don’t think anyone will believe you,
15- Neither of them came to the party,
16- Everyone must work hard,
17- The cattle shall graze on the meadow even though it is raining,
18- Her luggage ought to have been lighter,
19- Nobody’s told me what to do,
20- The furniture can hardy be moved,
21- Let’s tell them who the brighter of the two is,
22- I’m never here when you need me,
23- There’s been a series of a accidents on this crossroads,
24- Linguistics needn’t be taught to elementary students,
(neither ................... gymnastics.)
25- No one here has a cellular phone,
26- The staff didn’t dare to argue with the boss,
(neither ........... his wife.)
27- Nobody realized the test was twice as hard as the exam,
28- Nothing had to be said,
29- Close the door,
30- People think that only the rich are happy,
31- Don’t drive too fast,
32- My hair needed to be cut,
33- Your jeans shouldn’t have been thrown,

Question Tags Explained

1.  They are short questions added to sentences, asking for Aggeement or  confirmation.

2.  We always use the auxiliaries to make question tags. If there is no auxiliary in  the sentence, we add "do, does, or did", depending on the tense.

3.  There are two kinds of question tags :

a- Affirmative statements (Negative interr tags)
eg:  Peter helped you, didn’t he?
b- Negative statements (Affirmative interr tags)
eg: That isn’t Tom, is it ? There wasn’t enough time, was there?
N.B. :
The subject of the tag is always a pronoun.
Negative verbs in the tags are usually contracted. (didn’t you?  did you not?)

 1)  Irregular tag : I’m late, aren’t I ?
 2)  Let’s go, shall we ?
 3)  Edward lives here, does’nt he ?
 4)  You found your passport, didn’t you ?
 5)  Mary’s comming tomorrow, isn’t she ?
 6)  Mary’s just come home, hasn’t she ?
 7)  Mary’d written before you phoned, hadn’t she ?
 8)  Mary’d come if you asked her, wouldn’t she ?
 9)  Mary’d rather not tell the truth, would she ?
 10) Mary’d better not tell the truth, had she ?

4. Statements containing words such as :
neither, no, none, no one, nobody, nothing +
scarcely, barely, hardly, hardly ever, rarely, and seldom
are treated as Negative statements and followed by an ordinary interrogative
 11) eg : No salt is allowed, is it ?
 12)   Nothing was said, was it ?
 13)  Peter hardly ever studies, does he ?
5.  When the subject of the sentence is :
anyone,  no one, anybody, nobody, none, neither
everyone, everybody, someone, somebody,
we use the pronoun “They” as subject of the tag.
 14)  I don’t think anyone will come, will they?
 15)  No one would object, would they?
 16)  Neither of them complained, did they?
 17)   Everyone warned you, didn’t they?
 18)   Someone had recognized him, hadn’t they?

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