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At Université Saint-Joseph
At Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour
In Montgomery- Alabama

At the American Community School- ACS:
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.In Montgomery- Alabama

La 1ère Page Web de Lauren H. (French)
Blue Group- International Officer School- Maxwell Air Force Base (ESL)
Computer Class

.At Université Saint-Joseph..........
Main ESL @ USJ Page- Nada's Courses
Summer 2000- Intensive Course

Georges B.- Capital Punishment
Chebli E.- Love

Chebli E.- The Wandering Soul - I Am.

Michel H.G.- Eros Taken Down
Michel H.G.- Spanish Castles
Michel H.G.- Still Hanging Around
Michel H.G.- Hard Rock and the Lebanese Youth Today
Zeina M.- The Truth About Dieting
Ziad S.- Silkworms
Mona S.- The Comet
.At Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour

Nadine G.- "Destiny".
Massoud H.- "Princess Diana, Would you have been Proud of Being
     Her Son?"
Carole W.- "Can Women Be Productive In The Society?"
William A.- "What's A Best Friend?"
Pierre H.- "Is There A Meaning To Life?"
Sent by Georges K.- "A Real Friend"
"Schumi Team" Interview Questions

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