Characteristics of Effective Team Members

1.  Support the team leader.
2.  Help the team leader to succeed.
3.  Ensure that all viewpoints are explored.
4.  Express opinions, both for and against.
5.  Compliment the team leader on team efforts.
6.  Provide open, honest, and accurate information.
7. Support, protect, and defend both the team and the team leader.
8.  Act in a positive and constructive manner.
9.  Provide appropriate feedback.
10. Understand personal and team roles.
11. Bring problems to the team (upward feedback).
12. Accept ownership for team decisions.
13. Recognize that they each serve as a team leader.
14. Balance appropriate levels of participation.
15. Participate voluntarily.
16. Maintain confidentiality.
17. Show loyalty to the school, the team leader, and the team.
18. View criticism as an opportunity to learn.
19. State problems, along with alternative solutions/options.
20. Give praise and recognition when warranted.
21. Operate within the boundaries of team rules.
22. Confront the team leader when his or her behavior is not helping the team.
23. Share ideas freely and enthusiastically.
24. Encourage others to express their ideas fully.
25. Ask one another for opinions and listen to them.
26. Criticize ideas, not people.
27. Avoid disruptive behavior such as side conversations and inside jokes.
28. Avoid defensiveness when fellow team members disagree with their ideas.
29. Attend meetings regularly and promptly.