Team Building:
Game with Legos

The goal of the game is NOT who is finished first, but which teams finish by following instructions. If a team finishes a round but did not follow ALL the instructions the monitor just tells them there is an error and they must find their error and fix it without help from the monitor.  If a team starts getting frustrated the monitor can give them a little help i.e. tell them it's in the 4th layer etc.

It takes some planning but basically the team divides into groups of 4.  Each person in the group has a different set of directions (4 sets for each group).  The goal is to build
according to directions and nobody can talk.  There should be a monitor for
each group to make sure nobody says a word.....not even a noise, and to
verify the structure is built according to instructions.  There will
be 5 exercises so each set of directions should have 5 items listed.  The
first exercise you follow direction #1 and so on.  One set of directions
might read as follows:

#1.    There must be no yellow blocks on the first row.

#2.    The person to your left may not place any blocks on your structure.  If
         they do, YOU must remove them immediately.

#3.    Row #3 must contain more than 6 blocks.

#4.    The person to your right must place at least 2 yellow blocks on the

#5.    In row 2 of the structure there can not be any yellow blocks touching
         blue blocks.

Then for the next set (for the 2nd person in the group) you could use these same instructions but change the order i.e. make #2 be their first one and bump #1 down to the end and so on
until all four people in the group have a different set of instructions for
each phase.  It gets pretty hairy when you start removing blocks that someone
else put on the structure.  These instructions are not to be looked at until
right before the game starts and nobody can read them out loud so you have no
clue what the person next to you is supposed to do.  You will probably need 8
blocks of 4 or 5 different colors for each group.

Another thing you can do is divide into groups of 4 or 5.  One person gets
blindfolded, two people are the navigators and gently hold the blindfolded
persons arms so he/she doesn't fall (they are not allowed to speak or "lead")
and one person is the director and gives the blindfolded person verbal directions
on where to go.  When all the blindfolds are on the leader announces the destination
i.e. out the front door, down the steps to the parking lot and touch the red
Honda CRV that is 10 cars down on your left.  Then they give the signal to
go.  The objective is not to win but to make it to the destination.   If the
blindfolded person is smart they will listen carefully to their director.  I
couldn't believe I was in a dead run and totally blindfolded.  I couldn't see
a thing but I trusted my director.