Team Building Workshop
Team Building Activities
What have we got in common? The team lists all the things that the whole team has in common eg. hobbies, pets, likes/ dislikes of food etc. 'They can extend this activity by composing a rap about their team to introduce themselves to the whole class, could make graphs etc. This activity is particularly good in including students of all abilities - emphasising commonalities.
Name Game: This is a circle game using students' names and descriptive words eg. smiling Samantha. Students must call the name across the circle before leaving their own place to swap into that person's position.

Empty Seat: The student with the space to their left invites another person to sit next to them by saying "I would like to sit next to me because they .. (an affirming statement)".

Online Activities:

They Will Never Take Us Alive
Rank items from most important to least important.

TRAFFIC JAM- Team building simulation game
by Chris Roland and Lenny Diamond

Design Paradise Simulation game

The Oh No! Simulation- Team building game (planning)*****

Stratitopia- A Simulated Society

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