Team Building Workshop: Group Evaluation Form

Directions: Rate your group on each characteristic. Use a five point scale, with five indicating the strongest agreement with the statement.
1-Strongly Disagree 2-Disagree 3-Weakly Agree 4-Agree 5-Strongly Agree
 First Week Mid-Quarter    Group Growth - Evaluation Form
     1. I am treated fairly, as a member of this group.
     2. I feel close to members of this group.
     3. This group displays cooperation and teamwork.
     4. I have trust and confidence in members of this group.
     5. Members of this group demonstrate supportive behavior.
     6. I derive satisfaction from membership in this group. 
     7. I get a sense of accomplishment form my membership in this group.
     8. I am honest in responding to this evaluation.
       Data Flow
     9. I am willing to share information with other members of the group.
     10.   I feel free to disagree with members of the group.
       Goal Information
    11. I am oriented more toward group goals than personal goals.
    12. This group uses integrative, constructive methods in problem solving, rather than a competitive approach. 
    13.  I am able to deal promptly with important problems of the group.
    14.  The activities of the group reflects the integration of everyone's needs.
    15. My needs and desires are reflected in the activities of the group.
    16. This group has a sense of responsibility for getting the job done.
    17.  I don't feel manipulated by the group.
    18.  The group shares responsibilities equally and fairly.

*Process Observation:
Hand out index cards to everyone in the group, ask members to use a Likert scale to rate how they feel about the idea on
the table.

10 - they think it is the best idea ever -
1 - it is the worst idea they hate it.
Collect the cards confidentially, average them and let the group know their average. This can be done several times during the process of consensus. A similar scale can be used to rate members feelings about the group. These types of observations are best made by the instructor or someone outside the group.