Team Leader Evaluation
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Room for Improvement Average Excellent
Elicited participants expectations
Defined and got agreement on agenda
Acknowledged Recorder at Meetings
Facilitated team in a neutral manner
Kept discussion focused on content
Encouraged members to actively participate
Suggested alternative tools, methods or process
Reflected questions to team members
Motivated documentation of ideas and results
Organized and executed action plans
Used brainstorming to generate ideas
Monitored and executed time management to keep team on schedule
Scheduled meetings appropriately and all members came and were on time
Communicated openly and efficiently
Listened effectively 
Monitored and assessed team process
Understood task process and executed tasks proficiently
Executed appropriate leadership
Helped team members understand and acknowledge their skills and abilities
Understood cultural and diversity needs of team
Facilitated faculty advisor's communications and meetings efficiently and timely
Facilitate communication of data and results to team members timely
Received timely approval of written and oral presentation outlines
Organized oral presentation rehearsals efficiently
Summarized discussion and decisions

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