Team Building Workshop
Ranking Game
Death: Top Ten Causes
Rank items from most important to least important.
  1. Create one set of ranking and rationale for the entire group.
  2. All members must agree with the rankings and rationale.
  3. No two items can be given the same ranking.
  4. Each member of the group must be able to explain the ranking and rationale.
Instructions for the groups: Give each group one set of instructions.
  1. Choose one person to act as an observer for this activity.
  2. Each member has four minutes to complete the ranking sheet individually.
  3. The group will then have eight minutes to complete the ranking sheet as a group.
  4. Each member must participate in the decision making process.
  5. Items should be discussed until a consensus is reached. Do not vote.
  6. Each member should understand the group's rationale for the ranking chosen, and be able to offer rationale for the ranking.
Directions: In the October 5, 1999 issue of the Monthly Vital Statistics Report, the National Center for Health Statistics published the top ten causes of death in the U.S. for Adults 24 and older. We have scrambled them here, and your task is to rank them in order of importance. You only have 4 minutes for the individual ranking, and 8 minutes for the group ranking.
1- Being Most Important       10- Being Least Important
Individual Ranking  Group Ranking  Hazards
     Lung diseases
     Heart diseases
     Cerebrovascular diseases
     Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
     Kidney diseases
     Pneumonia and influenza

Team Building Workshop
Ranking Game
Death: Top Ten Causes

Observation Sheet


1- What roles do group members play?




Quiet Captain

Time Keeper

2- How is the group making decisions?


3- How would you describe group members' levels of participation?

All high?

Some high, some low?

Some members not participating?

4- What characteristics do you see in your group members?
5- Did the group function effectively as a team?