Team Building Workshop
Nada AbiSamra
Nov. 2, 2001

Learning Style Inventory

1. If I have to learn how to do something, I learn best when I:
(V) Watch someone show me how.
(A) Hear someone tell me how.
(K) Try to do it myself.
2. When I read, I often find that I:
(V) Visualize what I am reading in my mind's eye.
(A) Read out loud or hear the words inside my head.
(K) Fidget and try to "feel" the content.
3. When asked to give directions, I:
(V) See the actual places in my mind as I say them or prefer to draw them.
(A) Have no difficulty in giving them verbally.
(K) Have to point or move my body as I give them..
4. If I am unsure how to spell a word, I:
(V) Write it in order to determine if it looks right.
(A) Spell it out loud in order to determine if it sounds right.
(K) Write it in order to determine if it feels right.
5. When I write, I:
(V) Am concerned how neat and well spaced my letters and words appear.
(A) Often say the letters and words to myself.
(K) Push hard on my pen or pencil and can feel the flow of the words or letters as I form them.
6. If I had to remember a list of items, I would remember it best if I:
(V) Wrote them down.
(A) Said them over and over to myself.
(K) Moved around and used my fingers to name each item.
7. I prefer teachers who:
(V) Use the board or overhead projector while they lecture.
(A) Talk with a lot of expression.
(K) Use hands-on activites.
8. When trying to concentrate, I have a difficult time when:
(V) There is a lot of clutter or movement in the room.
(A) There is a lot of noise in the room.
(K) I have to sit still for any length of time.
9. When solving a problem, I:
(V) Write or draw diagrams to see it.
(A) Talk myself through it.
(K) Use my entire body or move objects to help me think.
10. When given written instructions on how to build something, I:
(V) Read them silently and try to visualize how the parts will fit together.
(A) Read them out loud and talk to myself as I put the parts together.
(K) Try to put the parts together first and read later.
11. To keep occupied while waiting, I:
(V) Look around, stare, or read..
(A) Talk or listen to others.
(K) Walk around, manupulate things with my hands, or move/shake my feet as I sit.
12. If I had to verbally describe something to another person, I would:
(V) Be brief because I do not like to talk at length.
(A) Go into great detail because I like to talk.
(K) Gesture and move around while talking.
13. If someone were verbally describing something to me, I would:
(V) Try to visualize what she was saying.
(A) Enjoy listening but want to interrupt and talk myself.
(K) Become bored if her description got too long and detailed.
14. When trying to recall names, I rememeber:
(V) Faces but forget names.
(A) Names, but forget faces.
(K) The situation that I met the person other than the person's name or face.
Scoring Instructions: Add the number of responses for each letter and enter the total below. The area with the highest number of respones is probably your primary mode of learning. Because most people learn through a mixture of all three styles, read all of the learning suggestions given and select those you feel will work best for you.

Visual             Auditory            Kinesthetic

V = _____          A = ______          K = ______

Learning to Study Through Critical Thinking by Jonelle A. Beatrice