Team Building Workshop

Be a Good Listener

Avoid the bad habits of listening, most of which are the result of putting your own concerns before those of the group:

               1) Pseudo listening: Your body language keeps saying that you're listening, but your mind is
               really in Tahiti.

               2) Silent arguing: As another group member speaks, you begin to prepare your list of
               objections Try to play the "believing game" more actively. (See page 12.)

               3) Premature replying: You interrupt the speaker before he is finished.

               4) Misplaced focus: Rather than trying to understand the fundamental idea of the speaker,
               you start nitpicking on minor details to which you object.

               5) Defensive listening: You hear the speaker arguing with you even when the speaker is
               elaborating on your idea, asking you to elaborate on it, or fundamentally agreeing with you.
               You relate all the speaker's ideas only to your own, instead of considering them in their own

               6) Forcing meaning: You read more into the speakers words than could reasonably be