Team Harmony Pledge
pledge from this day onward to do my best to interrupt prejudice and stop those who, because of hate,would hurt, harass or violate the civil rights of anyone. I will try at all times to be aware of my own biases against people who are different from myself. I will ask questions about cultures, religions, and races that I don't understand. I will speak out against anyone who mocks, seeks to intimidate or actually hurts someone of a different race, religion, ethnic group or sexual orientation.I will reach out to support those who are targets of harassment. I will think about specific ways my school, other students and my community can promote respect for people and create a prejudice-free zone.

I firmly believe that one person can and must make a difference, and that no person can be an "innocent by-stander" when it comes to opposing hate. 

Irecognize that respect for individual dignity, achieving equality and opposing anti-Semitism, racism, ethnic bigotry, homophobia, or any other form of hatred is a non-negotiable responsibility of all people. 

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