Be the leader - Produce Leaders
Organize Teams that Work!

Presented by Nada AbiSamra

American Community School
Nov. 2, 2001


bullet.gif (885 bytes) Teamwork & Group Work:
Focus on Teamwork! Remember how organized it needs to be!
 bullet.gif (885 bytes) The Benefits of Teamwork:
Teamwork features a group of people working together towards a common objective. At its best, it yields a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. It allows a group to make decisions and carry out activities more effectively and with more confidence, than any one team member could. TEAMWORK is needed everywhere in the world! Managers and school principals are striving to achieve it. No matter where your students are going to work, they will need it.
 bullet.gif (885 bytes) Self-Fulfilling Prophecy & its Implications for Teachers and Team Leaders: 
Keep your expectations high for your students, and teach the team leaders to do the same.
bullet.gif (885 bytes) Leader's Duties:
Pledge, Charter (purpose, objectives, procedures, essential agreements, rules/consequences), Progress reports, Evaluation/Assessment, Negotiating conflict, Listening skills, MASLOW + Esteem, Self-assessment, 7 Habits, and Trust.)
bullet.gif (885 bytes) Team Members' Roles: Leader, recorder, negotiator, quiet captain, time-keeper + "The Perfect Team Member" (p. 57)
bullet.gif (885 bytes) Focus on Trust:
Trust is the most important recurring theme encountered when considering teamwork. All team members must trust themselves enough to openly share concerns and ask questions, and trust others enough to be receptive to their points of view.