American Community School- Beirut


Be the Leader. Produce Leaders.
Organize Teams that Work.

Presented by Nada AbiSamra
Nov. 2, 2001

Workshop Outline

  1. Preliminary Questionnaire & KWL Chart
  2. Cooperative Learning
  3. Group Vs. Team Work
  4. Benefits of Organized Team Work (Posters)
  5. Organization of Teams: (team formation & self-fulfilling prophecy)
  6. Gladiator- Video clip (5')
  7. Characteristics of Team Leader (brainstorm + compare)
  8. Duties of Team Leader (pledges, charter, prog. reports, evaluation, negotiating conflicts, listening, MASLOW, personality, 7 habits of highly effective people)
  9. Game + Debriefing + Certificates + Tickets
  10. Characteristics of Team Members--briefly (+ their Roles)
  11. Icebreakers & Team Building Activities (booklet)
  12. Recap
  13. KWL Chart + What was Learned
  14. Workshop Evaluation (+ Floppy & Web Site)
  15. ACS students' Team Pledge
"Teamwork in its essence and at its best yields a whole, which is greater than the
  sum of its parts. In simpler terms, 1+1 adds up to more than 2.
It allows a group of people together, to make decisions and/or carry
  out activities more effectively and with more confidence, than any one team
  member could."