American Community School
November 2, 2001
Team Building Workshop
Presented by Nada AbiSamra

Team Building Questionnaire
On Choosing the Team Leader

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You are being placed in a team of three to five people. There are three defined team roles, Team Leader,
Recorder, and Oral Presenter. These roles are rotated approximately every six weeks. Your team is being
presented with projects to complete. Please answer the following questions:

A- Individual Information

     a-List ten expectations you have about being on a team.

     b-How will you handle differences in your goals and other team members' personal goals in the
     following areas: a. You want an "A" on a project and one of your other team members will be
     satisfied with a "B"?

B- Forming the Team

     a-List what you feel the team goals should be for this course.

     b-Roles are rotated. What process will you use to rotate the team roles of Team Leader,
     Recorder, Negotiator, Quiet Captain, and Time Keeper?

     c-How will work be distributed?

     d-How will deadlines be set and accomplished?

C- Communications

     a-What specific agreements about honesty and open communication will you form for the team?

     b-Describe how the team rules can be changed if one team member is uncomfortable with a rule.

     c-What information would you have the team communicate in writing to facilitate the team's

     d-What would you do if one team member fixates on a particular idea and cannot listen to the others?

D- Meetings

     a-How often should the team meet?

     b-How do you organize brainstorming sessions during a meeting to make them efficient and creative?

E- Writing and Presentation Skills

     a-What time management tools will you initiate to insure that assignments are turned in on time
     and reflect all of the team members' perspectives?

     b-List what information you think will be important to include in a weekly progress report.

     c-Describe what you will do if a team member is less skilled in writing than the other team members.

     d-How will your team keep track of all the required documents that need to be prepared to
     communicate to others and complete the projects successfully?

F- Conflict Resolution

     a-Describe what you would do as a team leader if a team member is not following through with their

     b-Describe how you as team leader would deal with differences of opinion about the quality of the

     c-Describe how you as team leader would deal with different work habits of individual team members
     (some people do assignments in advance; others work under the pressure of a deadline).

     d-Do you need consensus within the team to accomplish team goals?

     e-Describe how you as a team leader would deal with conflicts during collaborating on team reports
     over style, proofreading, editing, and composing team written assignments.

     f-Describe a plan for resolving conflict within and outside the team. List the rules for dealing with

     g-Describe how negative feelings will be expressed (anger, frustration, disappointment) within
     the team.

     h-How will the team reward themselves for doing quality work and meeting deadlines?

G- Interpersonal relationships and communication

     How will you handle the following situations if they occur?

     a.) You are a member of a team and the other two members form a sub-group and have informal
     meetings without you. You feel you want to be kept informed and be part of these discussions.
     What would you say to the other team members without them becoming defensive?

     b.) Two of you are participating and making the decisions in the group while your third team member
     is shy. Although he/she follows your orders and does the tasks well he/she only does tasks when
    directed. How would you handle this situation?

     c.) Your project isn't going well because one member of your team, although intelligent and well
     informed, has decided that he/she is the only one who can do the tasks properly. You have
     communicated the problem to her/him but still the situation persists. The project is getting behind
     because he/she does not have enough time to do all the work alone and the only tasks that are
     assigned to yourself and the other team member are insignificant.