What is your Teamwork Style?
In groups I ...
Usually take charge.      
Go along with what others say.      
Ask a lot of questions about what we're doing.      
Disagree with others openly.      
Give my opinion easily.      
Usually keep quiet when I disagree.      
Am the one who explains things to others.      
Try to make peace when others argue.      
Get the quiet people to give their opinions.      
Want to be sure my ideas are good before talking.      
Want to look at hard facts more than opinions.      
Get the group back on task if they get off task.      
Would rather work alone, not with others.      
Feel uncomfortable when there is conflict.      
Summarize where we are in our task.      
Interrupt people who talk on and on.      
Define group problems as they come up.      
Suggest what we should do next.      
Watch what we are doing as if I'm on the outside.      
Relate different ideas together and restate them.      
Analyze ideas to see if they would work.