Creating Online Tests

By Nada Salem Abisamra

    Steps to follow:
    1. Click on "Tests! Page" where you shall find a lot of links to online tests.
    2. The Test making programs we are going to cover today are:
      • Teacher Web
      • Quiz Star (Quiz 4 Teachers)
    3. First, we shall start with TeacherWeb.
    4. Open your own teacherweb page and click on any icon on your main page.
    5. Click on the bottom divider.
    6. Click on Add/delete/rename pages.
    7. Put a check in the little square to the left next to "response" and rename it "Test- May 12"
    8. Put another check in the little square to the left next to "Links" and rename it "Online Tests"
    9. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, write your password, and submit.
    10. Go back to your main page. Click on the "Test- May 12" page.
    11. Click on the top divider.
    12. Here is where you will choose the types of questions you would like to have on the test you create. Then submit.
    13. Click on the top divider again and write your questions. You can follow the example I have on my page.
    14. The second program we shall be using today is: Quiz Star
    15. Right click HERE and "open in a new window" in order to get there! (
    16. Click on "Instructor"
    17. Scroll down and click on "Sign Up"
    18. Follow the instructions in order to create your new account.
    19. Once your teacher account has been created, click on "Continue" under "Click this button to begin making your quiz".
    20. Skim through the Terms & Conditions then click on the arrow at the bottom of the page that says "Begin making your quiz."
    21. Here you are! You have just started!
      • Step 1: Give your quiz a Title & Description/Instructions then click on "Submit" (If you want to change them you click on "Edit")
      • Then click on "Edit quiz options" (step 2), go over the options, check the ones you need then click on "Submit".
      • After that click on "Edit quiz questions" (step 3) at the top of the page. Then click on "Edit Question" towards the center of the page.
      • Here you will write question #1 (do not write the number next to the question since the program itself numbers the questions for you). Be careful, this is not an instruction; you did write your instructions in step 1.
      • After you have written your first question, click on submit, then choose your question type + submit.
      • Do not forget to provide the answer to your question so that the program grades the quiz for you.
      • Every time you finish a question click on "Add a new question" and follow same procedures.
      • In the column to the left you can view all the questions that you write.
      • If you need extra help, click on the "Help" icon at the top of the page.
    22. Once you have finished, click on the"Finish" button and get the URL for your test. Highlight and copy it.
    23. Then open your own web page on Teacher Web
    24. Click on "Online Tests"
    25. It is in this folder "Online Tests" that you will put the link to the test you have created today!
    26. Don't forget to give the test a name, to put your password at the bottom of the page, then to submit!
    Good Job!

    Email me if you have any question

    February 12, 2004