You have successfully completed the
Web Page Design Workshop!
"The Easiest Way to Create Your Own 
Web Page and Publish it on Teacherweb!"

You are almost there!!! Hang on... Do not give up!
It is very rewarding, believe me!
You already know how to create your own web page...
You will do an excellent job!
Just choose a computer on which Netscape Communicator is installed 
and follow the instructions below...
  • You have already created a page in "TeacherWeb" titled "My Own Web Page" or something similar.
  • Go to your home on teacherweb, open the aforementioned page, then click on the top banner.
  • Leave this page open and click on Netscape Communicator.
  • From the menu at the top, click on: file => open page => choose file (go to the folder in which you created your page) => select => open => click on "composer" instead of "navigator" => open (again) => Here is the page you have created!
  • You can edit it now the way you want, then save it.
  • To insert images: click on insert => image => choose file (click once on the file you want) => open => ok.
  • To insert a link: write whatever you want, highlight it, then insert => link (and here you write the link address. For example: )
  • To add/change the background image: click on Format => Page colors and properties => make sure the window in the center is open: colors & backround => choose file => click once on the file you choose => open => ok.
  • Do you want to create a graphic like "Congratulations" at the top of this page? Go to this web site:
  • Do you want to create your own animated banner like the one at the bottom of this page? Go to
  • Once you have created your graphic or banner, right click on your new product => save image as => save it in your web page folder then go to the page you are editing and insert the new image.
  • REMEMBER! You still need to upload your new page on teacherweb. What do you do?
  • Go to your home on teacherweb. Click on the page you created for this purpose (if you still have it open just go back there). Once you get there, click on the top divider => browse => choose your page => enter your password => submit.
  • Are you done? NO! You still need to upload the images!
  • Click on the bottom divider => under "other changes" click on "add photos/docs => browse to choose your images => enter your password => submit.
  • REMEMBER: You cannot see any images on your teacherweb page unless you add them in "add photos/docs".
  • EMAIL me once you have finished! I would like to see your new web page and link my site to it!

Email ME!