Welcome to Nada AbiSamra's

Web Page Design

"The Easiest Way to Create Your Own 
Web Page 
and Publish it on Teacherweb!"

The American Community School
at Beirut
Location: BD room 410

April 14, 2003 from 3:15 to 5:00
April 30, 2003 from 1:45 to 3:15
May 2, 2003 from 1:45 to 3:15

What will this workshop cover?

1- TeacherWeb: My Pages


  1. Explore my teacherweb page 
  2. Add/Delete/Rename pages
  3. "My Pages" 
  4. Add photos/docs
Requirement: Knowledge of the basics of TeacherWeb


1. The top divider on any page in TeacherWeb accesses the page editing window. 
2. The bottom divider on any page in TeacherWeb accesses the whole site editing window.
3. In order for the changes you make to take effect you HAVE to enter your password at the bottom of the page and SUBMIT; if you don’t, there will be no changes.
4. If you want to upload your own html page on teacherweb (within “my pages”) you have to upload all the pictures separately in “Add photos/docs”.
2- Using Netscape Composer to Create 
Your html Pages.
You will learn how to design a web page using Netscape composer.
(To download Netscape click here)
This includes the following:
- Background
- Graphics
- Banners & Animations
- Links
- Tables 
- Uploading on teacher web

If there is time left:
- Counter & Statistics (so that you know who has accessed your page and where they came from)
- Advertising your web page (so that it will be listed in the different search engines-- you can try to type my name "Nada AbiSamra" in any search engine and see what you get.)

TWO Key Words: Insert & Format


    1. Use a special note book for everything related to your web page
    2. Open a special folder for the different pages you create.
    3. No CAPS & No SPACE!
    4. To modify your page's html: Go to "start => programs => accessories => word pad => file => open ..."

Useful links for Advanced Users

Microsoft Gif Animator: