BD415: Mac Lab Usage


* Log on using your own class account.

* Log off at the end of the session.

* Use the computer in a way that insures consideration and respect for others.

* No food allowed. Bottles of water may be left on the tables in the center of the room, away from machines.

* Before you leave the room, you need to make sure everything is back in place the way it was before you entered: you will be held accountable for this as a team. If anyone has to clean up after you, this means you have not done your job properly! (Magazines/yearbooks need to be placed back in place; no paper/pens left behind; chairs need to be placed the way they were before: wheeled chairs in front of computers and other chairs around the tables)

* Yearbook students: If you need to use this lab after school, you have to check the key out from Mrs. AS and you will be held accountable for everything in the lab.